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Re: [jawe] Enhydra, Shark, JaWE... CVS

Hi Alfred,

It seems together has choosen to remove completly the CVS entries for
this reorganisation instead of creating new entries. While this seems
easier to manage, it poses problems in the fact history of files is not
available anymore, including source of older releases. Do you plan to
put somewhere a copy of this CVS history for downloads (so people like
me who need to work on a specific CVS version can at least create a
local copy of this CVS and work with it instead of a specific version in
objectweb anonymous cvs)

Madl Alfred - Together AT a écrit :

>Hi !
>Regarding our CVS'es:
>We are doing major reorganisations to our open source projects including 
>changes to the project structure. This is the reason why we will refill the 
>CVSes with the new versions coming soon...Enhydra 7.0 Beta 1, JaWE 2.0-3, 
>Shark 2.0 Beta 1, DODS 7.0 Beta 1, etc.
>Alfred Madl
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