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Re: [jawe] [BUG] JaWE does not handled imported declared datatype

Hi David,

unfortunately, this is not JaWE's bug, but this behavior is according to XPDL 1.0 specification (and this behavior is the same from the JaWE's very beginning). In XPDL 1.0 it is stated that only Application, Participant and WorkflowProcess definition entities can be used/referenced through ExternalPackage concept.

This is obvious problem with XPDL1.0 spec, and we've discussed about this problem on WfMC meetings, and aXPDL 2.0 specification corrects this, and allows TypeDeclaration entities to be also used/referenced.

If you are using Shark as a workflow engine, the solution is to duplicate TypeDeclaration definitions across all Packages, and shark will handle this properly.


David Delbecq wrote:
Hi together team,

In JaWE, when you select 'declared type' for the type of a workflow variable, the types declared appear in a drop down list so you can select which one you want. However, in this list do not appear the type declared in imported packages. As is, it's impossible to create a package containing type declaration for all you buisness data types and just have all workflow designer import that package. They will have to manually declare all variables they use.

This has been tested with latest java webstart community edition of TWE


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