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AW: [jawe] JaWE based JPEd released

Hi !

Thanks for your efforts. Please just correct the project license to LGPL, 
JaWE is not GPL but LGPL since 2.x !

Regarding WfMOpen specific modules: We would be very interested in your 
thoughts about a possible customization of JaWE for special WfMOpen needs. 
Could you provide us e.g. a list of extended attributes, etc. that WfMOpen 
uses ? Any XPDL elements / attribute to hide ? Special activity types ?

Alfred Madl

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Dr. Michael Lipp [mailto:Michael.Lipp@xxxxxxxx]
Bereitgestellt: Montag, 19. Juni 2006 15:01
Bereitgestellt in: JaWE
Unterhaltung: [jawe] JaWE based JPEd released
Betreff: [jawe] JaWE based JPEd released


remember the discussion about JaWE no longer storing layout information?
Well, we followed the advice given on this list and by personal e-mail
and created a JaWE derivative called "JPEd" (JaWE based Process Editor).

JPEd-1.0.0 is based on JaWE-2.0-4 and as a start re-introduces storing
the process diagram layout and reduces startup-time. We consider adding
WfMOpen specific modules (without losing "generic" XPDL support, of
course), but this is still somewhat in the future.

It took us a bit longer than intended to provide this, not because the
changes turned out to be very difficult, but because other projects
required our attention.

You may find JPEd on the WfMOpen download page



Dr. Michael N. Lipp
Solution Architect

Danet GmbH, Gutenbergstraße 10, 64331 Weiterstadt, Germany
Phone: +49 6151 868-476, Fax: +49 6151 868-264
eMail: Michael.Lipp@xxxxxxxx, URL: www.danet.com
Managing Board: Dr. Reiner Nickel (CEO), Dr. Burkhard Austermühl (CFO);
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Jaques Bentz; Address of Record:
Weiterstadt; Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Darmstadt HRB 6450;
Tax Number: DE 172 993 071

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