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Re: [jawe] multiple transitions from activity A to activity B


Activity A contains an asynchronous tool invocation and waits for a
external completion event till a deadline condition is triggered. The
deadline triggers an exception transition to activity "ERROR_HANDLING".
But the tool invocation in activity A can fail as well, which goes the
the same error handling immediately, without waiting for the deadline

So it is some kind of XOR split, with one transition for deadline and
the other one handling some special error state.

WfMOpen immediately goes to error handling when tool agent in activity
A returns the error state. The deadline does not matter because the
activity is already completed. If deadline is reached first while the
activity is waiting for external complete event, it goes to the error
handling too.

wing tung Leung @ Imas, http://www.vangenechten.com
IT consultant, wingtung.leung@xxxxxxxx (XT-i)

>>> sasaboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 18/08/2006 13:52:57 >>>

can you explain what would be the point of connecting two activities 
twice? What would it mean in the case of XOR and what in the case of

How does WfMOpen handles such situation?

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