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Re: [jawe] Adjust XPDL Parts


if you are using community version of JaWE, it doesn't store position information of your graphs, and that's why you get all the elements improperly aligned. Regarding the message of automatic adjustment of XPDL parts, it is also due to the fact that this version of JaWE does not save/read special ext. attributes which are used for positioning.


Robespierre Sentelhas wrote:
Dear Sir

I'm new user of Enydra-JAWE Software.
I defined some elements in lttle workflow. Now I open the file and receive the message "TWE has automatically ajdusted some XPDL parts", and all elements, in the graph, are left aligned.

What must I do to correct this problem?

Thanks for your support.

*/Robespierre Sentelhas
/*Consultoria em Desenvolvimento Web e e-Learning
Diretor do GU de e-Learning SUCESU-SP
Fone: (11) 49794472 - Cel: (11) 91394309


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