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Re: [jawe] Jawe and Shark


the file tws-community-2.0-beta2.setup.exe is a executable installation file of shark, and JaWE can be found at http://forge.objectweb.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=50

Files are not named shark-xxx and jawe-xxx is due to fact that we use same build procedure to get these open-source but also professional version installations, and we are naming distributions based on these professional versions (Together Workflow Server and Together Workflow Editor).


Antonio Hernandez Illera - Cinntes wrote:
Good Morning, Sirs

I World like to know where could I find a downloadable open-source version of Enhydra 
Jawe and Shark. When I visit the Enhydra web I cannot find any link to this product. 
For instance the Enhydra Shark link sends me to 
http://forge.objectweb.org/projects/shark/  and in the files tab there is only one 
executable file: tws-community-2.0-beta2.setup.exe 
which is the Together Workflow Editor.

Where can I find these products. Can you help me, please?

Thanks very much in advance.

Antonio Hernández Illera


Consultor Junior


García Morato, 27   47007 - Valladolid

Tel. 983-228222 Fax. 983-459398 www.cinntes.es <http://www.cinntes.es/> Este mensaje es confidencial y puede contener información privilegiada. Si Vd. no es el destinatario, es ilegal que lea, copie, distribuya,
divulgue o haga cualquier otro uso de la información contenida en este mensaje. 
Por favor, notifíquenoslo inmediatamente. Gracias

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