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Shark 2.0-beta8 released!

Hi all,

just to inform you that 2.0-beta8 version of shark is available for the download from:


CVS sources are also updated (both Shark and SharkWebClient modules).

This version brings a lot of improvements like:
- build of EAR files for JBoss, JOnAS and Geronimo along with the database descriptions depending on a database you've configured in configure.properties file (read EJB documentation coming with shark)
- build of SharkWebClient war file + zip file for Tomcat deployment
- possibility to create EAR to be deployed in JBoss and expose EJBs through WEB Services, and to use such WEB Services through the SwingAdmin application
- possibility to configure SharkWebClient to work through EJBs
- separation of Shark.conf into server side (Shark.conf) and client side (SharkClient.conf) files which will help to better understand the system
- ASAP & WfXML improvement
- documentation update
- bug fixes
- ...

You can read release notes at:


This should be the last beta version before 2.0 final release. We would be very grateful if community can test it and give us a feedback about problems and bugs.


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