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Re: [jawe] Translating JaWE

Hi Sergio,

thanks for the translation. We will include it in the next version of JaWE.
It would be nice if you can just send me an email where you state that you are contributing this translation file to JaWE project under LGPL license. I think JPEd license is GPL so we must make sure that you provide this particular file under LGPL license.

It would be great if you can also send an update of the file whenever you make some significant changes.

Thanks a lot!


Sergio A. Reyes-Peniche wrote:

I finally decided to work on JPEd, the JaWE derivative. I did a quick
and dirty, very preliminary translation (I just need to demo it to my
bosses). It's not very polished (in fact it isn't even proof-read),
but all the strings were translated. If my bosses decide to deploy it,
I will have more time and help in order to improve it.
I already sent the translated file to the jped mailing list, and I'm
also sending you a copy. I don't know how (and if) you coordinate with
the JPEd team, so if you need me to sign any kind of waiver to
contribute the file to the JaWE project please send the form to me (I
didn't even read the 1.4.2 es.properties file you sent me, my
translation is original).
Thanks again.


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