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Objectweb and OSMOSE WP2 Partners interested by the deployment topic

    Dear Objectweb and OSMOSE WP2 Partners interested by the deployment

     S/W component based models have highlighted the deployment
    and  have introduced new challenges for the S/W engineering
    We need to develop powerful and automatic systems to assist the
    deployment activities. The goal of the deployment workgroup is to
    convene researchers, developers and industrials  which deal with
    deployment to exchange their vision and experience of deployment.
    To start our exchange,  we invit each partner to submit a short
    paper on 1) your vision of the deployment, 2)  your scenario and use
    3) the ongoing work 4) products available and the state of these
products (industrial,
    prototype...) 5) the  future directions

    Please take the time to write two pages and give them a read  so all
    partners will be informed about your work.With these positon papers,
    We'll gather and  made an archive file with all your position papers
    the deployment workgroup website (http;....
    This document will help in taking stock of current trends
    developments regarding deployment.and in sharing of experience and
    exchange of ideas which will foster discussions,  workshops and

    Please send this position  paper by  september 30th to .....
    For further details, please contact 

  This work will start also the WP2 Deployment group work.
  The last but not the least please suscribe to the deployment working
group mailing list

                Noureddine and Didier
Laboratoire LSR, Institut Imag, Universite Joseph Fourier
Bat. C, 220 rue de la Chimie, Domaine Universitaire
BP 53, 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9, France
GPS : lat 45°11'37"N, lon 05°46'15"E
Tel : +33 4 76 63 55 49           Fax : +33 4 76 63 55 50
URL: http://www-adele.imag.fr/~donsez

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