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Workshop on benchmarking

Hi all,

There was recently discussions on initiatives for middleware benchmarking. As some new activities are starting (internships will start soon, ...), I would like to propose a half-day or full-day workshop to coordinate the activities and developments in this area.
We could split the workshop in 2 parts:
- Presentations about current projects, experiences and interests.
- Discussions: identifying relevant freameworks (load injection, monitoring, ...) and collaboration for developments.

Everybody is welcome to join this initiative. Date and location have to be determined quickly.
Here is a short list of people who might be interested:
- LIFL (Philippe Merle et al.)
- Loria (Laurent Andrey et al.)
- ProActive (Denis Caromel et al.)
- CLIF (FT R&D, Bruno Dillissenger et al.)
- JMOB (Sardes, me et al.)

Proposals about date and location:
- March 23 (before the architecture meeting), Paris (need to find a room)
- April 5, Grenoble or other location (please propose)

I think that we could make a status of these activities at the architecture meeting in Prague in July. To prevent polluting all mailing lists, it is probably better to keep this discussion on the architecture@xxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list only.

Emmanuel Cecchet
Chief Architect
ObjectWeb Consortium

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