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Design performance impact.

JMOB (RUBIS) list:
 Hello there, 
I have just skimmed through the code of RUBIS ejb session version, and have 
the following questions / comments about it:
 - It seems that you one Servlet/ function, and don?t use a centralised 
controller (which will make it easier to maintain, and results in less 
duplicated code). I don?t think that this is common practice; Doesn?t this 
infect your test results? Do you think it is better to have a big pool of big 
do-it-all Servlets or many small pools of different Servlets with different 
tasks. (I believe that many smaller servlets pools would use a lot of 
- You always do a JNDI lookup in your Servlet, and don?t use a Servlice 
locater /EJB factory pattern. How much do you think this would affect the 

Any help/comments will be very much appreciated!
Thanks in advance,

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