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Do you offer Enhydra products/services/support/consulting ?

Hi !

Since we are currently working on the hosting of enhydra.org in
objectweb.org (no worry, www.enhydra.org will still work afterwards !),
we also want to update our "Commercial Vendors" section. So my question:

Do you offer products/services/support/consulting based on Enhydra
projects (including Barracuda, etc.) ?

If so, would you like to get listed (for free !) under "Commercial
vendors" ?

If so, please send me details (according to existing "Commercial
vendors" entries on www.enhydra.org) about you/your company and your
offerings with a logo. I will include them into a new "Commercial
vendors" page !

We have to show support by companies to be interesting for technology
decision makers !!!


Alfred Madl

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