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Kelp on linux

this may be new question.
I dived into enhydra and its great.
In a current project I work in a linux environment mainly.
Here (under linux) I have running enhydra 7.0.4 and it works.
For the ide I use eclipse 3.1  with Kelp 7.0.1.
My problem is:

Everything works fine but I'm unable to ant as a normal user.
When I do this under the root account it works.
Also, as a legacy user I can launch DODS or XMLC from withing eclipse.
I also can open a shell, go to my project-dir and enter "enhydra-ant rebuild"
and it works fine. So, this shows, my environment as root AND as a legacy-user
seems ok.
Only from within eclipse; when I launch a rebuild via Hot-Key or
via menu I get an error that the application "enhydra-ant rebuild" can not be 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This error drives me crazy.

Best regards


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