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four reasons to open-source software

As an input for the discussion today, I would like to share with you
a few thoughts on motivations from companies to open-source software;
After a small analysis here is a proposal for a typology:

1) share vision
The main intent is to share a vision with other, this vision is propagated via the software and the value of an open-source license is its ability to propagate in a peer-to-peer network.

2) share resources
The main intent is to ease work with partners, and ease sharing resources that can range from
hosting environment, to dissemination channel.

3) reduce cost
The main goal of the contributor is to reduce cost from R&D to dissemination and marketing. In this case, there is not much reason to lead a project, but to integrate (and contribute back
if it improve efficiency)

4) missing feature
The business is made from market-captation with missing feature to make a end-user solution
out of the project.


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