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Some questions


I'm trying to resolve some things from ModFact but I can't (I have no time).

I read a mmetamodel (file in xml)and I put it into a repository m2, after I 
create a repository m1 and I try to fill it with a model (file in xml)but i 
can't. I reqd the model with xmiReader but It does nothing, the m1 is empty.
How can I fill the m1?

I have another question. I have readed a metamodel that is composed by two 
packages: the main package named Transformation and other package (the 
profile) named NewPackage that extends the main package adding heritance and 
associations (I have asked this before to Prawee, thank you). With 
GenerationService I have read this metamodel and I have generated the API and 
Implementation for the metamodel and the files XMIImport.zip and 
XMIExport.zip with the classes for parse a model.
These files (XMIImport and XMIExport) contain some classes called 
TransformationXMIImportApplication, TransformationXMIImportClasses, 
TransformationXMIImportAssociations, etc ... and for the profile "NewPackage" 
NewpackageXMIImportApplication, NewpackageXMIImportClasses, and so on.  Then, 
when I add these classes to ModFact all goes right except for the classes 
NewpackageXMIImportClasses and NewpackageXMIImportAssociations which contain 
each one, a function named init that has references to the package 
Transformation and It does some compilation errors. These errors are produced 
by a call to the function getTransformation(). I think that these calls 
mustn't exist because into the function init of the NewPackage there are 
initializations of classes of the Transformation. 

How can I solve these errors?

The last question. Anybody knows the function InvokeOperation or 

Is complicated and perhaps I haven't explained very well but if somebody have 
understood my questions, please, answer to me.

Thank you

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