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RE : some Qs abt qvtEngine need your help, 3x in advance


Sorry to respond at this time but I was in conference.

1) We have text editor facilities
2) We must wrote how-to

You should contact directly Mr Prawee Sriplakich for your questions 
(prawee.sriplakich@xxxxxxx) or send them to the ModFact mailing-list 

Thank you

Xavier Blanc

-----Message d'origine-----
De : yuanfeng [mailto:Feng.Yuan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Envoyé : mardi 16 mars 2004 09:55
À : modfact@xxxxxxx
Cc : ftpmaint@xxxxxxx; webmaster@xxxxxxx; GroupeWeb@xxxxxxx; direction@xxxxxxx
Objet : Fw: some Qs abt qvtEngine need your help, 3x in advance


        Sorry to disturb you.

        But, Have you received my mail?
        I'm urgent to wait for your reply, thanks in advance



>Hello,modfact researchers,
>       I'm now doing soth work on MDA-based model transformation, and I try 
> to do sth on your Modfact engine.
>       Now I have some questions in my work which need your help:
>       1) In the website, it is stated that the source metamodel can be draw 
> in CASE Tools such as Rose, but as to the source model, Rose cannot be used 
> and a domain specific tool or corresponding repository tool is need, my 
> question is: do u have any suggestions about the tool for souce model 
> drawing? Can any MDA tool fulfill the request? and, what is the modelling 
> tool used for the simple UML sample model in your website?
>       2) Because the online trl cannot be used now, but I havn't found any 
> guide of how to perform the tranformation offline, Can I get some manual or 
> other materials about MODFACT? I don't know French ;( so I want soth 
> English documents, 3x in advance!
>       wish for your reply!
>       regards                                 
>  free_wind
>  free_wind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>  2004-03-15



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