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Re: RE : some Qs abt qvtEngine need your help, 3x in advance


Please see the answers below.

> >>Hello,modfact researchers,
> >>
> >> I'm now doing soth work on MDA-based model transformation, and I try to
do sth on your Modfact engine.
> >> Now I have some questions in my work which need your help:
> >> 1) In the website, it is stated that the source metamodel can be draw
in CASE Tools such as Rose, but as to the source model, Rose cannot be used
and a domain specific tool or corresponding repository tool is need, my
question is: do u have any suggestions about the tool for souce model
drawing? Can any MDA tool fulfill the request? and, what is the modelling
tool used for the simple UML sample model in your website?

To help you create an M1 instance model, we provide an implementation of JMI
(Java Metadata Interface) repository for create and manipulate any kinds of
MOF models.
Please refer to How-to page for details :

"How to use JMI-based services offline ?" tells you how to generate
repository interface and implementation from your metamodel.

"How to create and run a JMI repository ?" guides you to run your

It is simple to create a model to be used in SimpleTRL engine.
First you instanciate a JMI repository.
Then you invoke provided interfaces for creating model elements
Finally, you use "XmiWriterImpl" for write your model in an XMI file.

> >> 2) Because the online trl cannot be used now, but I havn't found any
guide of how to perform the tranformation offline, Can I get some manual or
other materials about MODFACT? I don't know French ;( so I want soth English
documents, 3x in advance!

The page "QVT Engine" in Projects give a short guide how QVT Engine works.
There are 2 examples : "Simple UML to Simple Reational Database" and "DTD to
XML Schema"
These examples can help you understand SimpleTRL transformation language.

To run the engine call the method "run" in class
  public static void run(
  InputStream ruleStream,
  InputStream sourceMetamodelStream, InputStream sourceModelStream,
  InputStream targetMetamodelStream, OutputStream targetModelOutput
  ) throws Exception

All inputs and the output are in XMI format (version 1.1 or 1.2).

Please note that transformation rules are also a MOF model and they are
instance of SimpleTRL metamodel. Therefore you can write the rules in the
same way you create your source model.

We are sorry that the detailed PDF document about SimpleTRL is currently
available only in French.
However, we might use a French-to-English translator to translate it.

PS. ModFactWeb server crash sometimes. You can also browse the web content
To do this, download "ModFactWeb" project from CVS. This project contains
our complete, up-to-date web content.

Best regards

> >>
> >>
> >> wish for your reply!
> >>
> >> regards
> >>
> >>  free_wind
> >>  free_wind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >>  2004-03-15

LIP6 - thème SRC - Bureau C1133
8, rue du Capitaine Scott, 75015 Paris - FRANCE
phone 01 44 27 88 61

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