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Oscar 1.0 released!

Hello everyone,

I have released Oscar 1.0 today, June 13. Whew!

Sorry for the long delay between this release and the last...it has been a crazy six months. I promise to do a better job of releasing smaller chunks more often. To help facilitate this, I will be putting Oscar under CVS in the next two weeks (and possible later under Subversion).

You might also have noticed that this message is coming to you from a new mailing list, that is because Oscar has a new home on ObjectWeb's forge site; the new URL is:


The old web site is now the home of the Oscar Bundle Repository; I hope this will encourage people to start offering their bundles publicly. Visit the new OBR web page at:


There are numerous features and fixes in the 1.0 release of Oscar and this release is probably a little more disruptive than previous releases, but I hope that this lays a foundation for a smooth road for the foreseeable future.

I urge everyone to read the change log, because there are significant changes from the previous version that will affect everyone (e.g., the bundle cache structure has changed, making old profiles incompatible). Refer to this link for all the details:


One of the main reasons I wanted to get this release out today (Sunday) is because I leave tomorrow for an OSGi meeting in Germany and I will be gone for a week. I didn't want to wait another week to release an Oscar update since it has been so long since the last release. I hope and pray that there aren't any major issues in this release, but I am sure that I missed something somewhere.

Please be patient if an issue arises because I will get to it when I get back, but I do really believe that this is by far my best work yet.


-> richard

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