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Re: Oscar 1.0 released!

Congrats Richard,

It seems I'm the first one to post something on the new website.
You did a nice job moving the whole thing. I only have this small remark
about the subtitle "An OSGi framework implementation". 

Why is the term "framework" used? I'd personaly think it should be
"Service Platform" as it is the whole thing, not only the "core framework".

Well, I just downloaded the new release, and was eager to try my JiniDriver 
implementation. The driver uses the org.osgi.util.tracker package, as well as 
the org.osgi.service.http package. For that reason I downloaded the 
osgi-util.jar and the osgi-service.jar and installed and started them both.

I double checked my manifest headers.

Here's the problem  when I start the JiniDriver :

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/osgi/util/tracker/ServiceTrackerCustomizer

I checked if the package was exported and it is.
I run into that same problem wit the 0.9.x version, and what I did is putting 
the osgi.jar in the System classpath to fix it.

What am I doing wrong?

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