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R3.24 Jini Driver Service

I've just tested my expermental KF Jini Driver Service in the new OSCAR 

I set up :

1. the jini Lookup Service (sun's reggie).
2. the jini Browser client (included with sun's jini sdk)
3. a KF 1.3.0 OSGi Service Platform with the JiniDriver installed and started
4. installed on that platform a bundle that registers a HelloServiceImpl 
(retruns the a greeting string) and that set's the EXPORT service attribute 
(see R3.24)
5. a OSCAR 1.0 Service Platrform + servlet.jar, http.jar, osgi-util.jar, 
osgi-service.jar and the JiniDriver.
6. I installed on the OSCAR platform an interface bundle, that exposed the 
HelloService interface class.
7. installed a testbundle that asks the jinidriver for any services that are 
compatible with the HelloService (of course that triggerd the 
HelloServiceImpl from the KF platform to be downloaded from the jini Lookup 
Service and installed in the OSCAR platform)
8. used the HelloService to say hi (requseted an OSGi HelloService, and got 
the one registered in step 7)

So the test succeded and I was able to use the OSGi service registered in KF 
as an OSGi service in OSCAR. There's only one but :
I had to include both osgi.jar and servlet.jar in the classpath when starting 
OSCAR, else I'd get a ClassNotDefFoundError on classes from the javax.servlet 
or on the org.osgi.util.tracker packages. Could this be just a version 
problem or a more complex matter such as BundleClassLoading or Context 


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