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Re: [oscar] Re: Oscar 1.0 released!

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004 14:32:32 +0200 nico.goeminne@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Congrats Richard,


> It seems I'm the first one to post something on the new website.
> You did a nice job moving the whole thing. I only have this small remark
> about the subtitle "An OSGi framework implementation". 
> Why is the term "framework" used? I'd personaly think it should be
> "Service Platform" as it is the whole thing, not only the "core
> framework".

Well, "Oscar" only refers to the framework. All bundles are separate and
are now part of OBR.

The term "service platform" refers to the framework + standard services.
While Oscar does include the framework-related services, it does not
include the other standard services.

> Well, I just downloaded the new release, and was eager to try my
> JiniDriver implementation. The driver uses the org.osgi.util.tracker
> package, as well as the org.osgi.service.http package. For that
> reason I downloaded the osgi-util.jar and the osgi-service.jar and
> installed and started them both.
> I double checked my manifest headers.
> Here's the problem  when I start the JiniDriver :
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
> org/osgi/util/tracker/ServiceTrackerCustomizer
> I checked if the package was exported and it is.
> I run into that same problem wit the 0.9.x version, and what I did is 
> putting the osgi.jar in the System classpath to fix it.

That's annoying!  :-)

Well, it is difficult to say. The only thing that I can think of is
perhaps I did not correctly package osgi-util.jar...

If you could post you manifest, that would be helpful.

I will check the osgi-util.jar and try to report back.

I am currently at the OSGi meeting in Nuremberg, so my email contact will 
be sporadic. I guarantee you, though, that I will get to the bottom of
this issue. I have used the Service Tracker, e.g., the messenger bundle,
and it did work. So we are just missing something small I imagine.

Thanks for the feed back!

-> richard

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