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Re: [oscar] OBR and proxy

Great. I have updated the docs for OBR, but they are not online yet.

Since this fixes the problem, then there is no reason to modify OBR to have an "obr proxy" command, unless people think it would really be beneficial. I don't think it would be beneficial since it would not be persistent; the best way to do it is to edit system.properties, so as long as this is clearly documented, then it seems like it would be okay for everyone.

Anyone have different thoughts?

-> richard

Nico Goeminne wrote:

Hi Richard,
Put properties:

  http.proxyHost=<your proxy host>
  http.proxyPort=<your proxy port>

Into Oscar's lib/system.properties file, then it will properly configure OBR to use your web proxy.

This works fine :-), maybe put it in some docs,
I guess a lot of people are behind http-firewalls



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