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Bundle updates


I have release a couple of small bundle updates.

Bundle Repository has been updated to version 1.0.1. This update fixes a
bug that always printed bundle meta-data to System.out when performing an 
"obr info" command. I also tried to improve the command-line error
messages when a syntax error occurs.

Shell Plugin has been updated to version 1.0.1. This update fixes a bug
in the OBR plugin that did not separate multiple repository URLs with a
space in the "refresh" text field. I also added an "info" button to
retrieve meta-data and put the OBR plugin output console in a split pane
so that you can make it bigger if you want.

To check if updates are necessary in your profile, type:

    obr update -check

To actually update your profile, type:

    obr update "shell plugin" "bundle repository"

The Shell Plugin update does not require a "refresh", but for the Bundle
Repository update to take effect, you must refresh the framework.

NOTE: The "obr update" command only performs an update in the current
profile, it does not update the bundles in your Oscar "bundle/"
directory. If you want all future profiles to use the new bundles so that 
you don't have to update them in future profiles, you will need to
download the bundle JAR files and place them into your Oscar "bundle/"
directory. You should probably test them in a separate profile first.

This raises the question, should we have an "obr download" command for
simply downloading the bundle JAR file, similar to the "obr source"
command? For example:

    obr download <local-dir> <bundle-name>[;<bundle-version>] ...

-> richard

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