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Wire Admin Service now available

Hello everybody,

I recently developed an implementation of the Wire Admin Service
(chapter 16 of the OSGi specification, 3d release).

The Wire Admin Service bundle can be installed in Oscar through OBR. You
can also download the Wire Admin Command bundle which adds shell
commands that allow wires to be managed from the command line.

Feel free to play with these bundles and please let me know if you find
any issues with them. Also, I plan on adding some example Producers and
Consumers soon...

Here are the links to the documentation pages:

Wire Admin Service


Wire Admin Command




Humberto Cervantes <Humberto.Cervantes@xxxxxxx>
Web: http://www-adele.imag.fr/~cervante/
220 rue de la Chimie, Domaine Universitaire,
B.P. 53, 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9, France
Tel: (33)4 76 63 55 74

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