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Re: [oscar] ¿Little bug in oscar's packageadmin impl?


I would have to agree with you, I think it should fire the event no
matter what, because someone may be listening for it to
complete...whether it actually does something is irrelevant I think.

I have made the change and it will be included in the next Oscar release.

Thanks for the feedback.

-> richard

Manuel Santillan Palencia wrote:

Hi there!!

I 've discovered that the PackageAdminImpl doesn't fire a framework
event if no packages need refreshing when you invoke the "refresh"
command (or equivalently the service's refreshPackages() method).
However, the spec says that "6. A framework event of type
FrameworkEvent.PACKAGES_REFRESHED is brodcast (page 136)"
I understand that that includes even if no packages need refreshing.
What do you think?
If I am right, the patch is very straithgfordward: In Oscar.java, line
1344, instead of: if (targets == null)
should say: if (targets == null)
                        getBundle(0), null);


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