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Re: [oscar] Trouble with cleaning up on bundle stopping

heavy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Okay. I modifed my simple.jar bundle to create a file in its start()
method and to delete it in its stop() method. This worked fine for me.

So, either I am missing something or you are missing something...or
perhaps both! :-)

Is it possible for you to create a simple use case bundle that
demonstrates your error and send it to me?

-> richard

p.s. I am traveling currently, so it might be difficult for me to respond 
over the next few days.
Thank u to be so quickly :-)
I read again my e-mail and I notice that I was too much sleepy to write in foreign language

I found the error in my code... in BundleActivator.start() i start a Thread and in BundleActivator.stop() I tell to the Thread to die. And the Thread when die delete the file. So the problem is that the BundleActivator.stop() end while the Thread isn't dead yet, and when Thread end the Bundle is in Resolved State so I get the error.

I haven't looked at source code because the error message doesn't tell "Only bundle ACTIVE, STARTING or STOPPING can manage files" but "Only active bundles can create files." so I thought that should be other way to solve my problem.

Could be useful to change the error message, what do thing about it?

On Sat, 03 Jul 2004 20:16:07 +0200 Stefano Lenzi wrote:

    I've a bundle that write temp file, and I want to delete them in 
Activator.stop, but it result in error:
"Only Active Bundle can mange files"

 - Is it normal?
 - I want to delete them without using other bundle that are listening 
to BundleEvent..
 - Can you help me?

Than u!

P.S.: We the bundle we speaking about is an implementation of UPnP Base 
Driver, that I and a friend of mine are writing



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