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Re: AW: [oscar] Trouble with cleaning up on bundle stopping

Matrim Cauthon wrote:
I'm currently going to implement a UPnP Base Driver too and maybe you would like to share some experiences.
Sure :-) Maybe either with OSGi Developer Mailing list ;-)

Our software will be released under LGPL or some Open-Source License, so if you are interested about it I could ask to our team to publish a preview
Why are you using threads
There are a lot of reasons:
 - Because I need to start-up HTTP Server for exporting and importing UPnP Device
 - Because I need to check for expired imported device
 - Because I need to monitor SSDP packet
 - To speed up Exporting Process
 - Finally because I use CyberLink as UPnP Stack implementation
and why do you need to write into files?
 - Because to export  device I have to send XML file to describe it, and using CyberLink as PnP Stack Implementation I need use files

Finally, I suppose that the use of files may be avoided, but the use of Thread is fundamental

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