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Re: UPnPEventListener ?

Matrim Cauthon wrote:

What for is this UPnPEventListener?
It's a mambo jumbo. The specification are not very clear.

 It should be for applications so they get noticed whenever an approriate
 event is generated, right?
 The spec says the application has to register a service extending this
 How would this looks like ?
Simply if you want to be notified, you have to build a Service that implement UPnPEventListener, and register it to the FrameWork

The BaseDriver implemtation still has to implement this interface?
We have understood that it should be the UPnPDevice service that dispatch the events, so for all the UPnPDevice service that the Base Driver register them should be able to notify events

Im kinda confused, maybe I should give me some break.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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