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Re: [oscar] DTD for XML File used for OBR


We do have a DTD lying around someplace, so I can send it to you, but in reality OBR is programmed to be extensible, so it will accept any attributes for bundle meta-data. Some attributes are special, such as the ones needed by OBR, which are largely related to the ones in the bundle manifest.

The OBR documentation lists the meta-data that is important for it, although it does not included the DTD. This information can be obtained from the existing repository.xml file. I will find a copy of our DTD, though, and send it to you too...and perhaps make it available somewhere from the OBR documentation.

-> richard

Stefano Lenzi wrote:

I want to build a my OBR repository, and I'm looking for a DTD for XML-OBR format?


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