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Matrim Cauthon wrote:
I get another couple of questions.
What exactly is the OSGi Whiteboard model? I read about it several times in the specification but didn't find out what this is.
I think that it refers to 4.18 OSGi Specification
You said the subscribing to events and the evaluation of the applications who wants to be notified will be managed by a UPnP Device Implementation. I think this is a good approach. But how exactly does the filter thing work?
Such an application that wants to be notified of events generated by a (particular) UPnP Device _has_ to set a filter property?
No, it should only register as UPnPEventListener and if Filter is null it should be notified by all UPnPService.
Does it has to set all the filters ? (UPnPDevice.TYPE, UPnPDevice.ID, UPnPService.TYPE, UPnPService.ID ?)
No, it can either set a Filter property  create by the context with the following String (&(UPnPDevice.Id=<value)(UPnPService.Id=<value>). With the above Filter the application is notified only by a particular service of a particular device
So it exactly specifies to which service from which devices it wants to be evented? Or can it just set a type or similar things?
An service can be registered with a Filter create by the following String "(UPnPService.Type=<value>)" that means that this service will be notified by all UPnPService of a specified value.
And the routines in the UPnPDeviceImpl must then evaluate the services and call it back?
What means an asynchronously call in this context?
That means that you must create at least a Thread that dispatch the event to the listener.

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