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Re: Think on UPnPEventListener Implementation

Matrim Cauthon wrote:
Further investigation leaves another question concerning the filter thing,
The application that wants to be notified can use the filter value with any of the properties:
*UPnPDevice.UDN (? according to 25.8 but 25.14.4 says UPnPDevice.ID) The both should be the same only udn its a must, so I would be better on relying to UPnPDevice.UDN ?
You may, but you will disagree with the specification. I think it's better to look at UDN but they wrote ID so...
Anyway, there as you can see there're some lack in the specification
* UPnPDevice.TYPE
* UPnPService.ID
* UPnPService.TYPE
So since org.osgi.framework.Filter delievers not the extraction of certain properties I only see two ways to check different sets of these properties.
* toString()  - parse the string for the properties and values
It's not so easy to parse an LDAP String and your implementation may be slower that the FrameWork one...
* match() - set up a reference Dictionary (with known sets of these properties) and call match (match delivers only true if it finds the according properties matching)
We use match in our implementation....
Am I missing something? Which way looks more promising?
Regards, Mat.

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