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Re: [oscar] HTTP Service:: mapping URIs to servlets

Tom wrote:

when registering a servlet under the alias "/x", it gets correctly invoked when pointing a Web browser to "http://localhost/x";.

However, when pointing the Web Broswer to "http://localhost/x/index.html"; or "http://localhost/x/y";, the HTTP Service returns a NOT FOUND error back without invoking the servlet at all.

You're trying to create a virtual file system within your servlet, aren't you? I know that some websites use this.

It should not to that, right? Did I misconfigure something?

After reading the spec (section 14.4), it is not very clear. I think this point was not foreseen. According to me, a servlet shall have an exact match. Given the example, the substring matching is more for resources...

As a work-around, you could replace / by dot...
Or you can try a java web server that is known to handle this correctly. With the new OBR structure, it should be "easy" to download the sources and change the embedded library. AFAIK, the http bundle has not been updated since the early stages of Oscar...


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