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Re: [oscar] HTTP Service:: mapping URIs to servlets


I think you are correct, this is a flaw in our HTTP Service that stems from Jetty, I believe.

I keep begging for anyone to take of the HTTP Service bundle and improve it, but I never get any takers.

The HTTP Service is important and I think it would be good if we could have a version that uses an existing HTTP server, like Jetty or any other, but I am no expert in this area. I originally hacked up the HTTP Service just as an example and then it was further hacked by Rob Walker, but neither he nor I know a lot about HTTP servers. Despite its importance, I cannot find someone who really wants to take ownership of it.

In short, if you are experiencing a problem with our HTTP Service, then it is probably the fault of the HTTP Service implementation. You could grab a different implementation and use that with Oscar...or improve the current one. :-)

-> richard

Tom wrote:


when registering a servlet under the alias "/x", it gets correctly invoked when pointing a Web browser to "http://localhost/x";.

However, when pointing the Web Broswer to "http://localhost/x/index.html"; or "http://localhost/x/y";, the HTTP Service returns a NOT FOUND error back without invoking the servlet at all. It should not to that, right? Did I misconfigure something?



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