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RE: [oscar] HTTP Service:: mapping URIs to servlets

Title: Re: [oscar] HTTP Service:: mapping URIs to servlets
Hi Tom,
Well the OSGi Spec says that the HttpService should be pluggable component across OSGi implementations.
But the problem arises when HttpService uses services like Log Service and the sequence in which those services are started
by the Framework RI.
Also as you have suggested the HttpService needs to have support to different types of bundles such as war/ear/Jsp but the HttpService
needs to have the infrastructure these features. I think the OSGi spec mainly talks about the Basic feature of Servlets and Resources associated with them.
Please ignore the above if the information is pretty old as i worked with OSGi 2.0 Spec....
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From: Tom [mailto:ecl@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Fri 7/30/2004 2:48 PM
To: oscar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [oscar] HTTP Service:: mapping URIs to servlets

Hi Richard and Michel,

Richard S. Hall wrote:
> I keep begging for anyone to take of the HTTP Service bundle and improve
> it, but I never get any takers.
> The HTTP Service is important and I think it would be good if we could
> have a version that uses an existing HTTP server, like Jetty or any
> other, but I am no expert in this area. I originally hacked up the HTTP
> Service just as an example and then it was further hacked by Rob Walker,
> but neither he nor I know a lot about HTTP servers. Despite its
> importance, I cannot find someone who really wants to take ownership of it.
> In short, if you are experiencing a problem with our HTTP Service, then
> it is probably the fault of the HTTP Service implementation. You could
> grab a different implementation and use that with Oscar...or improve the
> current one.  :-)

Grabbing a different turned out not to be straightforward: the one I
tried (Knopflerfish) had too many dependencies to non-OSGi classes.

I agree that it would be nice to have a good HTTP Service bundle that
1- runs on different frameworks (only standard OSGi interfaces)
2- makes it possible to plug in server technologies (wars, jsp,
velocity, ...)
3- makes it possible to plug in HTTPS

I have already spent quite some time to make 2 (HTTPS, SSL) and 3
(Velocity) work on Knopflerfish (local only, not commited).
So, improving single issues in Oscar's current HTTP service (the
URL-mapping code, etc) would still be a step backwards from my point of
What I would like to have ideally is a modular version of Tomcat,
targeted for embedded OSGi frameworks to meet (1, 2 and 3), but looking
into the sources was not really encouraging so far. We'll see...


> -> richard
> Tom wrote:
>> Hello,
>> when registering a servlet under the alias "/x", it gets correctly
>> invoked when pointing a Web browser to "http://localhost/x".
>> However, when pointing the Web Broswer to
>> "http://localhost/x/index.html" or "http://localhost/x/y", the HTTP
>> Service returns a NOT FOUND error back without invoking the servlet at
>> all. It should not to that, right? Did I misconfigure something?
>> Thanks
>> Tom
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