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Re: [oscar] HTTP Service:: mapping URIs to servlets

Tom wrote:

Grabbing a different turned out not to be straightforward: the one I tried (Knopflerfish) had too many dependencies to non-OSGi classes.

Yes, I understand what you mean, since I felt similarly when I tried to run some KF bundles on Oscar...there were so many dependencies...that is why OBR is so handy, but at the time it wasn't an option...

I have already spent quite some time to make 2 (HTTPS, SSL) and 3 (Velocity) work on Knopflerfish (local only, not commited). So, improving single issues in Oscar's current HTTP service (the URL-mapping code, etc) would still be a step backwards from my point of view. What I would like to have ideally is a modular version of Tomcat, targeted for embedded OSGi frameworks to meet (1, 2 and 3), but looking into the sources was not really encouraging so far. We'll see...

I agree with you and all counts. I originally looked at Tomcat before Jetty when doing my original hacking, but thought Tomcat was uglier than Jetty, which is why I ended up with it in the first place.

The real question is there some way we can resolve this issue so that we get a good HTTP Service implementation based on an existing Web server? I am willing to go to any Web server, I don't have any love affair with Jetty...

So how can we achieve it? Who will work on it? If I had the time I would consider it, it is interesting to me, but I just cannot make it a priority right now.

It's a bummer. So much to do, so little time.

-> richard

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