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Re: [oscar] HTTP Service:: mapping URIs to servlets

Erik Wistrand wrote:

- the user expectations of having full-blown web deployment functionality on an OSGi platform clashes with the design goals of embedded devices. E.g, queries for JSP pages are common, but it's not really reasonable to compile code on a small box. Likewise, an XML parser may also me to much of an requirement.

True, but OSGi has moved far beyond embedded devices, so I don't think this is an issue today. From the beginning I have encourage people to use OSGi for non-embedded applications...perhaps I am partially to blame... ;-)

Also, writing a web server seems deceptively easy at the first stabs, but tend to grow into monsters really fast. Small issues like handling paths, connection pools, keep-alive connections and CRLF handling etc etc just eats your time and space.

This is why starting with an existing web server seems like the best choice.

This triggers important question. Should you, or should you not depend on other bundles? Should necessary APIs be included in every bundle, on the cost of a larger deployment jar? Or should you rely on systems as OBR for resolving dependecies?

It is possible to specify some dependencies as "dynamic" so that such a tangled web is not required, for those people not using OBR... OBR should be extended to also allow installing optional packages too...

As an example, the KF impl uses the log service API and the CM service API (and yes, it actually dares to use a single non-OSGi class for wrapping the tedious use of the logging service). It doesn't require implementation of these services though. Perhaps even this is too many dependencies, but they're quite easy to resolve. Comments on this is very welcome, though. The trouble with OBR in this case is that it might pull in "unnecessary" code as XML parser, even when the target bundle doesn't really require it.

I think some of it comes down to a matter of taste and purpose. When I had to install some KF bundles by hand, I was surprised at how many dependencies they had. But, at the same time, the KF bundles tend to be very well integrated with each other. So, it is a blessing and a curse, depending on how you look at it. Thus, I will keep improving OBR and we can force everyone to use it and then we won't have to worry about any of this stuff. :-)

-> richard

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