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Re: [oscar] RMI class loading

I use


just before the unmarshalling and it works fine !

stephane.frenot@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

on obr I've released a rmiregistry impl..

I use Dynamic-Import a construct like this.

In order for the rmiregistry to be able to load classes.

You can try to look at the sources (I think there is just one class,
since the rmiregistry is provided by the jdk).

On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 10:50:53AM +0100, Virginie Legrand wrote

I have a bundle that deals with RMIClassLoader. I wrote a RMIClassLoaderSpi in order to customize class loading in my bundle.

I put the line
in the  $oscar/lib/system.properties.

Running the bundle in Oscar is ok, but when i try to unmarshall an object, there is a ClassNotFoundException.

Oscar doesn't seem to know the class. However the MyRMIClassLoaderSpi is in the $CLASSPATH.

What do I do wrong? Or is there a better solution ?



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