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Re: [oscar] OSCAR with JVM for embedded system

> Is this OSCAR functions with all the machines virtual JAVA for the
> embedded system ?

The short answer is: no. OSCAR, in fact any OSGi system, needs a certain
execution environment to be present. Not all embedded Java VM's comply
with that. Checking chapter 22 of the OSGi R3 spec is a good starting
point for getting an idea of what's required.

In general, you need at least a JVM that supports the CDC profile, the
smaller ones (often found in most mobile phones and other very small
embedded systems) only support the CDLC profile which does not work
(mainly because it cannot use custom classloaders).

> And which are the JVM best adapted?

OSCAR is probably best deployed on a J2SE JVM, so if your embedded system
can run that, you should not have any problems.

Perhaps someone else on this list has experiences with other JVM's and
OSCAR? It would be nice to compile a list of tested platforms.

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