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Re: [oscar] OSCAR with JVM for embedded system

Arnaud Constancin wrote:

Richard S. Hall wrote:

Although I do not test it regularly, I have played with Oscar on J2ME Personal Profile and it worked without modification.

Hello, this is my first post on this list :^)

Make sure you hit the "reply to all" button on your mailer to include the mailing list in your response...your reply was only sent to me. :-)

For everyone else, the following JVMs have been tested by Arnaud:

I've successfully tested Oscar on the J2ME VM Jeode and j9:
ARM pegasus /linux (embedded pc104 board):
    - IBM J9 foundation profile
ARM Zaurus C860 /linux:
    - Jeode personnal profile
    - ibm j9 foundation profile mode
    - ibm j9 personal profile mode

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