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RE: [oscar] New HTTP Shell bundle


For those who maintain a private repository for home developped bundles (like 
we do here at France Telecom Grenoble), and thus redefine 
oscar.repository.url to contain several repository urls (our own repository 
and oscars' standard repository).

We have to update obr
We must replace in our oscar.repository.url property

Am I right ?

Also, is there a change in the repository.xml syntax ? I guess not. 



-----Message d'origine-----
De : Richard S. Hall [mailto:heavy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Envoyé : mardi 22 février 2005 15:01
À : oscar
Objet : Re: [oscar] New HTTP Shell bundle

Following up to myself again:

It dawns on me that you may experience difficulty updating OBR within OBR, 
since the last version of Oscar contained a bogus version of OBR (1.2.0). The 
newest versions of OBR is actually 1.1.2, which will not update in OBR since 
the version is actually lower.

Instead, just do a "normal" update on OBR in the Oscar shell...then you 
should get the correct version (1.1.2).

-> richard

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