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Re: [oscar] New HTTP Shell bundle


For those who maintain a private repository for home developped bundles (like 
we do here at France Telecom Grenoble), and thus redefine 
oscar.repository.url to contain several repository urls (our own repository 
and oscars' standard repository).

We have to update obr
We must replace in our oscar.repository.url property

Am I right ?

Yes, you are correct. However, see below.

Also, is there a change in the repository.xml syntax ? I guess not.

There was a slight change, I added a <repository> tag, like this:

   <name>Oscar Bundle Repository</name>
   <date>Fri May 07 16:45:07 CEST 2004</date>

This tag identifies the repository and adds the ability for the repository to link to external repositories. As I mentioned before, this was a quick attempt to address some issues that we were having with making independent repositories visible in/on OBR, but also having them be independently managed. This is only a small step toward supporting multiple, independent repositories.

Currently, OBR will only parse one level of external repositories, but it is programmed so that in the future we can recurse an arbitrary number of hops; thus, we might have a federation of repositories, where each repository references other repositories. However, this must wait until other features are implemented, but at least it is a start.

For now, given your situation, you can use this <extern-repositories> tag to create your own top-level repository file that links to OBR and any other repository XML file, then just set your oscar.repository.url property to point to this new top-level repository file. It will automatically merge all of the referenced URLs. Then you only need to edit the XML file to add bundles/repositories to your local OBR instances.

Does that make sense?

-> richard

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