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JMX Console (0.0.1) for oscar released

Hello the list,
I've released a JMX remote console for oscar. It can manage remote Oscar
instances and it relies on JMX-MX4J implementation already provided on

For a local trial, you can run the following commands :

1)This is the monitoring (JMX Agent) part
>obr start "Remote Logger"
>obr start "OSGi MBean"
>obr start "JMX-MX4J RMI connector"

2) This is the remote console
>obr start "Remote Components"

The remote console is build on top of oscar.
It's compiled under jdk1.5

If you want to try remote access, you must set properties that list
remote frameworks that you are willing to manage.
This is set in lib/bundle.properties file of the console run-time. 




By default the rmi registry on remote sites run on port 1099, 
you can change this on a per profile property:

Finally, remote components are plugins, so it should be rather simple to
add new plugins, if any one wants to participate or would like a
specific plugin (remote install for instance), please let me know.

Stephane Frenot - Associate professor | 
CITI/ARES - INSA lyon                 | mailto:stephane.frenot@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Bat. Léonard de Vinci                 | http://ares.insa-lyon.fr/~sfrenot/
21 av Jean Capelle                    | ICQ:643346 (et oui !)
69621 Villeurbanne Cedex              | +33 472 436 422 / +33 617 671 714

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