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Re: [oscar] Re:need info - servlet, RMI, SOAP...

Yep, the great thing about OSGi is that you get to know your
classloaders... :-)
How about the serialization issues in XMLRPC? You have to stick to
simple data types, don't you? That's the strong point of RMI: you can
use almost any type you want... as long as you can pay the bandwith
bill ;-)

El lun, 14-03-2005 a las 18:13 +0000, Rob Walker escribió:
> Yep - this and the bloat of both SOAP and RMI are why we chose the 
> XMLRPC route !
> Who needs RMI doing some dodgy remote classloading when OSGi, Oscar and 
> OBR have all the lovely classloading functionality you could possibly 
> need .... ;)
> - Rob

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