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RE: [oscar] need info - servlet, RMI, SOAP...

Or look at Burlap/Hessian (www.caucho.com). These protocols are more powerful than XMLRPC because they are designed to be used as transport protocols for an EJB server.
But, out-of-the-box, they need a servlet engine (ie. a HTTP bundle). I'm currently combining the "WebServer"/"SecureWebServer" from XMLRPC with these protocols giving a powerful RPC solution in about 100KB or so (I hope ;-)
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To: Szabolcs Tahin
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Subject: Re: [oscar] need info - servlet, RMI, SOAP...

Hi Szabolcs

I'd definitely  recommend looking at XMLRPC as well - think of  it as a  light, fast SOAP, with a more limited set of datatypes (String is included) but much less infrastructure plumbing required. Unlike RMI it's firewall friendly, using HTTP as it's transport.

-- Rob

Szabolcs Tahin wrote:
Hi to all,

my intention is to get an applet communicate with my bundle (the applet is
also in the bundle). Require to transmit String objects only. I had been
trying with servlet, it`s ok, but I guess there are another possibilities,
too, maybe more 'nicer'. Unfortunately I can`t get RMI work. I also know about

So my question - what way do you propose - servlet, RMI, SOAP or another one?

Thank you in advance!


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