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Re: RE: [oscar] need info - servlet, RMI, SOAP...

HI, I would like to mention one thing.


In fact, interoperability is the only and key benefit when you are using SOAP.

SOAP is just language neutral RMI, and XML based CORBA.



In robustness, flexibility, performance, and easiness to program  RMI is better for JAVA to JAVA.

Sevlet is too restrcited if you are trying to use string input and document output.

Servlet is quite human user oriented, since all the results is for human reading.

In contrast, SOAP and webservice is more machine oriented, since the response from SOAP is not human readible directly.



So, my opinion is as follows:


If you use only string and the response is required  for human readible,

then use servlet, since it is the simplest case.


If you want  software process the response, and all the enviroment is Java world, you can use RMI for it.


If you want software handle the reponse, and you want work with other language, C#, Visual. NET etc,

the only solution is SOAP.


Hope it helps





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From: Winter Andreas <andreas.winter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: 2005/03/16 01:55
Subject: RE: [oscar] need info - servlet, RMI, SOAP...

Or look at Burlap/Hessian (www.caucho.com). These protocols are more powerful than XMLRPC because they are designed to be used as transport protocols for an EJB server.
But, out-of-the-box, they need a servlet engine (ie. a HTTP bundle). I'm currently combining the "WebServer"/"SecureWebServer" from XMLRPC with these protocols giving a powerful RPC solution in about 100KB or so (I hope ;-)
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From: Rob Walker [mailto:robw@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 12:21 PM
To: Szabolcs Tahin
Cc: oscar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [oscar] need info - servlet, RMI, SOAP...

Hi Szabolcs

I'd definitely  recommend looking at XMLRPC as well - think of  it as a  light, fast SOAP, with a more limited set of datatypes (String is included) but much less infrastructure plumbing required. Unlike RMI it's firewall friendly, using HTTP as it's transport.

-- Rob

Szabolcs Tahin wrote:
Hi to all,

my intention is to get an applet communicate with my bundle (the applet is
also in the bundle). Require to transmit String objects only. I had been
trying with servlet, it`s ok, but I guess there are another possibilities,
too, maybe more 'nicer'. Unfortunately I can`t get RMI work. I also know about

So my question - what way do you propose - servlet, RMI, SOAP or another one?

Thank you in advance!


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