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Re: [oscar] need info - servlet, RMI, SOAP...

> HI, I would like to mention one thing.
> In fact, interoperability is the only and key benefit when you are
> using SOAP.
> SOAP is just language neutral RMI, and XML based CORBA.
Agree that language neutrality is key advantage of SOAP, but it's not
true to compare it with RMI

RMI has remote classloading as part of it, has a hidden "reverse
channel" from the server back to the client (a bit like CORBA does) for
callbacks and in general will not transport well over HTTP, which is
problematic in a corporate/firewalled environment - they're very
different beasts.

> In robustness, flexibility, performance, and easiness to program RMI
> is better for JAVA to JAVA.
I'd disagree - RMI isn't robust particularly at all, and it doesn't
necessarily scale well either, which can further reduce it's robustness
for large scale enterprise systems use.

> Sevlet is too restrcited if you are trying to use string input and
> document output.
> Servlet is quite human user oriented, since all the results is for
> human reading.
> In contrast, SOAP and webservice is more machine oriented, since the
> response from SOAP is not human readible directly.
> If you want software handle the reponse, and you want work with other
> language, C#, Visual. NET etc,
> the only solution is SOAP.
Not strictly true - XMLRPC is also perfectly usable where working with
other languages is needed - SOAP adds richer type support and a
definition meta-language (WSDL) and directory services, and CORBA
suppports multiple language bindings as well.

-- Rob

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