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Re: [oscar] RMI, SOAP etc.


Personally, I'd split your problem down along the following lines:

- bundle that provides "someFunction()" needed by your applet, which registers an interface to provide that function as a local OSGi service

- separate bundle that provides the "remote service" to "local service" binding, handling the RMI, SOAP, XMLRPC or whatever service requests and maps them to calls into the local OSGi service

- applet which needs the service, which as you say is fine to have in a bundle but I'd be tempted to separate this into some "client packages" style bundle. As you say, the applet can be served up also from Oscar and include within it the code to call back into the server. Now, as you've probably noticed, I'm a little "XMLRPC biased" but this is one place it'll score big time - you need your applet codebase to include not just your applet code, but also all of your remote service handling code too - XMLRPC packages are small, so this will help

I haven't had a chance to look at the Caucho stuff (http://www.caucho.com/) mentioned by Andreas but that sounds definitely worth a look too.

-- Rob

Szabolcs Tahin wrote:
Dear People on the Oscar list,

first many thanks for the mails!
Let me explain short why I`m asking about RMI, SOAP...
My intention is, that an applet, called inside a browser will communicate with a bundle, running on OSCAR (the applet also resides in the bundle). This isn`t very difficult with servlet(s). But, without mention any non-relevant details, imagine the following: an object or a variable in a bundle-class always changing its value (assuming non-deterministic). How will the apple know about it? The best way would be the bundle sends the required data to the applet every times it alters of course. And this is problematic to solve with a servlet... So awaiting your ideas...
Hope it`s clear for you what I wanna reach.

Thanks in advance, Szabolcs

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