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Re: [oscar] MP3 player (0.0.1) for oscar released

Excellent, nice one Stephane!

Great to see some "fun" things being done with Oscar. I'm about to start setting up a MythTV machine at home and have been wondering if I can use Oscar to add some audio or video goodies to it ...

-- Rob

stephane.frenot@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello the list,
I've released a simple implementation of an mp3 player. 
It is a wrapper around javazoom mp3 player (http://www.javazoom.net).

If your standard favorite player works it should work either.

obr start "MP3 player"
mp3 play http://stream.rainydawg.org:8000/high

Should work.

ps : radio streams are not always working, you can find other streams on

Let me know if it works for your environment (or not)


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