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Classpath resolving question

I had a quick question about the classpath behavior in Oscar v1.0.4. I have been running oscar from within eclipse, as well as a number of bundles I'm developing (*), and I noticed some interesting behavior I hadn't expected. When I was running bundles from within Oscar from eclipse, the bundles were able to access packages they didn't import, and did not have in their jar, but were defined in other jars in my project. I realized this when I loaded the bundles into Knopflerfish out of curiosity, and noticed that a few of the bundles threw ClassNotFoundExceptions when I tried to load them as they referenced classes in packages that were not imported/defined.

What I think is happening is eclipse was providing the project directory in the classpath to Oscar, so the classes that weren't defined in bundle were being resolved from the project directory. I was reading the Oscar 2.0 alpha release notes and noticed the heading on 'strict class path visibility rules.' I am pretty sure this answers my question, but I thought I would post here to confirm my assumption.

As a side note, I am using some standard CORBA classes in my application, which are defined under the org.omg package. AFAIK it is a standard part of the J2SE and J2EE platform: is it safe to say it will be accessible under a OSGi platforms, or would the proper solution be to create a seperate bundle that provided CORBA services? (yikes!)

Robert Young

* a small mobile agent system from my final year project.

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