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Re: [oscar] Classpath resolving question

Robert Young wrote:

What I think is happening is eclipse was providing the project directory in the classpath to Oscar, so the classes that weren't defined in bundle were being resolved from the project directory. I was reading the Oscar 2.0 alpha release notes and noticed the heading on 'strict class path visibility rules.' I am pretty sure this answers my question, but I thought I would post here to confirm my assumption.

Yes, the current stable release of Oscar (1.0.4) gives bundles access to the class path. This may or may not be correct depending on how you interpret the spec, which says that you must always consult the parent class loader first, but at the same time also says that bundles should only have implicit access to java.*.

This issue will hopefully be clarified to some degree in the next release of the spec. As it turns out, though, it may not be possible to use the strict definition demonstrated in Oscar 2.0...this is still a changing situation, so I am not sure how it will resolve. At a minimum, Oscar might change so that it only gives access to things on the boot class path, not things on the application class path.

If there is enough interest, I would be willing to release a 1.0.5 version of Oscar that is more strict. If not, then it can wait until Oscar 2.0.

As a side note, I am using some standard CORBA classes in my application, which are defined under the org.omg package. AFAIK it is a standard part of the J2SE and J2EE platform: is it safe to say it will be accessible under a OSGi platforms, or would the proper solution be to create a seperate bundle that provided CORBA services? (yikes!)

I might be able to give you a better answer in a couple weeks.

-> richard

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